Tuesday, December 3, 2013


''I like the idea of doing something that everyone never really paid attention to..''

I love the fact that I can make a career based of my personal life & discussing with the world how I feel towards things. Lorde is an AMAZING musician and I love her pure heroine album! When I'm listening to music I look for a certain connection and feeling with the artist. Music should make you think...I tend to daydream while listening to music because it's the only way for me to relax lol.  "No one really paid attention to how quiet and wise I was (or still am), so I write about it & hope that the world notices how informative I can be." -Cole


  1. I love the way music makes me feel. Sometimes when a very old song comes on I suddenly hear what it's about and the lyrics make sense. Most of the time I day dream too while listening to music or just feel whatever it is the music makes me feel ;)